1940 Lincoln Zephyr Business Coupe
1940 Lincoln Zephyr Business Coupe in College Place, Washington
Capri Blue
V12 - 292 C.I.D.

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1940 Lincoln Zephyr Business Coupe in College Place, Washington
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Always a pleasure for AUTOCHOICE to represent classics cars that have been restored to perfection.  WOW what a fine example with this 1940 Lincoln Zephry 2dr Business Coupe!  I invite you to scrutinize all 190 plus photos carefully!  You will find a car that could have just come off of the assembly line in Detroit.  The car has been kept original as much as possible with the exception of a some safety items such as turn signals, retractable seat belts, outside mirrors and crab pockets in the arm rests.

This 1940 Lincoln Zephyr has been restored to last another 75 years, with care of course.  The body was acid dipped, the underside, inside and all seams were coated with POR-15.  Upol Raptor was applied to the underside and tinted raptor in the fender wells.  Dynomat was applied in the total interior including the trunk.  All wiring is new, purchased from Rhode Island wiring.  The engine was rebuilt and broken in on my engine stand with a dyno.  It pulled 130 HP.  All adjustments, carb, etc, were done before installation.  There is a picture of another engine on my stand in the photos.  The transmission and Columbia 2 speed were likewise rebuilt.  The front spring was reached, covered with burlap and the metal that only 1940's had, also note them in the photos.   All upholstery was done by Bill O-Donnell, who has done a number of Pebble Beach cars from the NW.  All instruments were rebuilt by "Bob's Speedometer", the radio was done by a local repairman, and it works.  All pot metal was done by Mark at "The Finishing Touch".  There is not a pit anywhere.  The stainless was polished by "Proflections" in Puyallup, Washington.

The owner added turn signals, retractable seat belts, outside mirrors and grab pockets in the arm rests.  As you can see by the "build sheet", black wall tires were original.  The color is "Capri Blue Poly".

Don invites you call him at (509) 301-1398 to make an appointment to view the beautiful classic. 

Now for a little history about the Lincoln-Zephry you might find interesting.

The Lincoln-Zephyr is a marque that was used for the lower-priced line of mid-size luxury cars in the Lincoln line from 1936 until 1940. Lincoln-Zephyr and Mercury, introduced in 1939, bridged the wide gap between Ford's V-8 De Luxe line and the exclusive Lincoln K-series cars. This served a purpose similar to Cadillac's smaller LaSalle "companion car", the Chrysler Airstream, and Packard's smallest offering, the Packard One-Twenty. The car was conceived by Edsel Ford[3] and designed by Eugene Turenne Gregorie. The Zephyr was unique in this class having a V-12, while the LaSalle had a V8 engine, and the Chrysler and Packard has straight 8 engines.

1937 Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 four-door sedan

Introduced on November 2, 1935,[3] as a 1936 model, the Lincoln-Zephyr was extremely modern with a low raked windscreen, integrated fenders, and streamlined aerodynamic design, which influenced the name "zephyr", derived from the Greek word zephyrus, or the god of the west wind. It was one of the first successful streamlined cars after the Chrysler Airflow's market resistance. In fact, the Lincoln-Zephyr actually had a lower coefficient of drag than the Airflow, due in part to the prow-like front end on the Zephyr. The Lincoln-Zephyr succeeded in reigniting sales at Lincoln dealerships in the late 1930s, and from 1941 model year, all Lincolns were Zephyr-based[4] and the Lincoln-Zephyr marque was discontinued. Annual production for any year model was not large, but accounted for a large portion of the Lincoln brand's sales. In its first year, 15,000 were sold, accounting for 80% of Lincoln's total sales.

Production of all American cars halted in 1942 as the country entered World War II, with Lincoln producing the last Lincoln Zephyr on February 10.[5] After the war, most makers restarted production of their prewar lines, and Lincoln was no exception. The Zephyr name, however, was no longer used after 1942, with the cars simply called Lincolns.

The idea of a smaller and more modern luxury car to fill the gap in Lincoln's traditional lineup was revisited in the 1950 Lincoln Lido (The Lido was the same size as other two-door Lincolns, though[6]), 1977 Lincoln Versailles, 1982 Continental, and 2000 Lincoln LS. The Zephyr name itself was resurrected for the car's spiritual successor in 2006, though this modern Zephyr was quickly renamed MKZ for 2007.

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